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Founded in 2007

Located in Yantai ,Shandong Province

Professional Manufacturer of Inground Car Lift

Professional Manufacturer of Portable Quick Lift

Manufacturer of Hydraulic Equipment and Hydraulic System

Member of the China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association

Manufacturer of New Energy Vehicle Battery Lifting System

Solution Provider of Mobile Service Vehicle Maintenance Equipment Integration

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In the 12 years since its establishment, Yantai Tonghe Precision Co., Ltd. has always insisted on guiding the development of the enterprise with scientific and technological innovation


Since the first new energy vehicle power battery disassembly and lifting platform was put on the market in 2017, Luxmain has been dedicated to the market of special tools for new energy vehicles


The sudden "COVID-19" epidemic has disrupted people's life and work order, and is also changing some of people's traditional habits.

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Lusmann portable lift can directly use automobile power supply to complete the lifting action of the vehicle. Get rid of the dependence on power supply and venues in road rescue, door-to-door service, car wash and beauty industry.


From November 26 to December 1, 2018, the Automechanik Shanghai was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center,Shanghai. Yantai Tonghe Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.participated in the exhibition with a variety of inground lift and quick lift, and achieved gratifying results.


The upgraded version of the new energy vehicle power battery disassembly and lift car designed and manufactured by "Luxmain" has gone through critically testing , and all safety performing indicators have fully met the design requirements, and have been officially put into the market.

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