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Inground car lift L2800A-2

Technical Parameters:

Lifting capacity:3500kg


Max. Lifting height:1850mm

Raising/Lowering Time: 40/60sec

Load sharing: max. 6:4 in or against drive-on direction

Supply voltage:AC380V/50 Hz

Power:2.2 kW

Main unit length:273mm

Main unit height:2514mm

Single side length of arm:757mm-1200mm

Post Diameter:195mm

Post thickness:13mm

Sound level (measured at control console): ≤75 dBA

oil tank capacity:8L


Equipment description

The main unit is hidden in-ground, and the supporting arm is on the ground or flush with the ground.

Electric hydraulic drive, fast speed and strong power.

Energy saving and environmental protection, only 8L hydraulic oil is required.

The casing of the machine body is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust, which can be directly buried, and the foundation pit does not need to be waterproofed.

The lifting column is made of seamless steel pipe, and the surface is plated with hard chromium, which has high hardness and anti-collision.

Equipped with hydraulic buffer safety device to prevent the vehicle from falling down instantly under extreme conditions.

Equipped with 60Mpa high-pressure tubing to prevent tubing bursting.

The vehicle can be rotated 360° on the upper end of the lifting column with the lifting arm, which is convenient for vehicles to enter and exit; it can be locked at the top without rotating, which is convenient for maintenance and car washing operations.

The joint between the lifting column and the body is treated with waterproof and dustproof treatment, and it can be installed indoors and outdoors, suitable for car cleaning and beauty and chassis armor.

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