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"Pick up and go lift" sales bucked the trend

2020/8/29 14:25:33

The sudden "COVID-19" epidemic has disrupted people's life and work order, and is also changing some of people's traditional habits. The auto repair and maintenance industry has been accumulating strength and exploring the advancement of "reservation service" and "home maintenance" business, which has finally achieved explosive growth. During this period, the "Luzman" portable lift with its "portable", "lightweight" and "fast" features solved the problem of "lack of outdoor portable portable lifts" that has plagued auto repairers for many years. With the praise and favor of the majority of friends in the auto repair industry, sales continue to grow.

Next, let us take a look at this "lift and go".

Lightweight design: The single-sided lifting frame weighs only 39 kg and can be easily carried by one person.

Lightweight body: It takes up less space and can be folded and wall-mounted for storage.

Easy to move and use: Equipped with rollers to facilitate dragging and moving and fine-tuning the lifting position.

Fast lifting speed: Electric hydraulic drive, optional DC and AC power supply.

Safe and stable: Equipped with dual safety devices of hydraulic synchronization valve and safety lock lever.

Wide application range: home maintenance, outdoor rescue, store service, car wash and beauty, modification DIY.

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