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"Luxmain" new energy vehicle power battery disassembly and lifting trolley series put on the market

2020/8/29 14:21:36

The upgraded version of the new energy vehicle power battery disassembly and lift car designed and manufactured by "Luxmain" has gone through critically testing , and all safety performing indicators have fully met the design requirements, and have been officially put into the market. With the upgraded version of the mass production, "Luxmain" battery disassembly and assembly car has been completed accepted by the market.

"Luxmain"New energy vehicle battery disassembly and assembly trolley adopt electro-hydraulic driving and unique single-post lifting post and vertical cylinder. It is different from most pneumatic and hydraulic scissor structures on the market. The whole machine is simpler and more efficient. This product is awarded special recommendation of 2018ARM Beijing International Auto Maintenance Exhibition.

The upgraded version of the new energy vehicle battery disassembly and lifting trolley is more fashionable, the operation and usage reflects the principle of humanized design and convenience: frame-type lifting platform, can be moved 360 ° , rotary telescopic arm According to the size and working environment of the car power battery, multiple positions and sizes can be adjusted and converted. The four thread type adjustable insulation pads can rotate a maximum tilt of 2° - 4° in the front, rear and left and right directions of the device. These characteristics can meet the needs of battery disassembly and assembly of different models and installation directions to the greatest extent, ensuring accurate alignment of the battery mounting holes and the body fixing holes, and is convenient for operation.

The machine equips with DC12V power unit. After charging, it can be operated without wires, the operation and movement are more safe and convenient.

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